Solverboard brings Open Innovation into the mainstream.


“What if you could call upon anyone in the entire world to bring brilliant thinking to your challenges?”

The concept of Open Innovation (OI) has the power and potential to change the way people communicate and work forever, and Solverboard’s vision is to bring OI further into the mainstream.

Anyone anywhere can contribute brilliant and original thinking to social and commercial challenges.

Post a challenge in minutes, tap into a global crowd of solvers, filter and asses their solutions and reward or promote the best ideas.

We believe in the potential of open innovation so much we’ve made it completely FREE to use - no joining fee, no listing fee. So what is stopping you?

Get Started on World

No matter which Solverboard you use, the way it works is the same:

Challengers set challenges and Solvers solve them.

Everything about each challenge – from the level of detail to the type and value of the potential reward – is set by the Challenger, and solvers offer up a solution.

The solutions are assessed by the Challenger and/or the Solverboard community, with the best one earning the reward – or in the case of Solverboard Social, bringing fresh thinking to some of the world’s biggest problems.

“It’s better to create an ecology that gets all the world’s smartest people toiling in your garden for your goals. If you rely solely on your own employees, you’ll never solve all of your customer’s needs.”

Bill Joy - Founder, Sun Microsystems


To get started on WORLD, complete your profile. You’ll then get access to your dashboard - an overview of the challenges you’ve set, the solutions you’re working on and submitted, your watch-list, payment details, and your organisation profile if you’re setting challenges. You can also filter your skills and the types of challenges you’re interested in solving here too.


Next – raise a challenge.

Start by defining what your challenge is, what detail you’d like to see in the solutions, how you will assess and score solutions, your timeframe and what incentive or reward you will offer.

Your reward doesn’t have to just be monetary. You can offer anything from placements, the chance to collaborate, even royalties and everything in between, depending on what you think will be most likely to engage Solvers on your challenge. On our SOCIAL challenges the rewards are not the primary focus – they’re about contributing to making the world a better place.


Then – get innovating.

Start the Innovation Phase by publishing your challenge.

If you are a Solver, search for challenges and post a solution.


Assess the solutions.

At the end of the Innovation Phase the challenge is closed and the Assessment Phase starts.

Use the Solverboard community to help you select the best solutions or, if you prefer, assess on an individual, closed basis. Keep everyone engaged by responding to comments and providing feedback on the solutions to your challenge.


It’s decision time.

For commercial challenges on WORLD, it’s now decision time.

The selection process is simplified through the “Solverboard” - a leaderboard scoring system that takes the aggregates of scores from your assessors to help guide your decision.

You can choose to recognise and reward solutions that may not answer the full challenge but go a long way towards doing so; we call these part-solutions.

For Social challenges, solutions are upvoted throughout the duration, helping to surface the best ideas to the engaged community.


Rewarding the best ideas.

For commercial challenges on WORLD, the challenge process is concluded by rewarding your Solver or Solvers.

This is fully automated with any associated IPR and funds transferred between the Solver and Challenger at the same time.