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We are a new healthy food company and our vision is to provide the market with genuinely healthy snack products. Nomad is born from ancestral know-how to replace the “pseudo healthy” products out there right now. Our first product is the “survival pack” and is designed to help busy people, whether at home, at work or on an adventure in the wild by providing wholesome nutrition from natural foods in a convenient manner.

With brand, product and packaging being key to our launch we have the first 2 elements teed up but we need your help to design us a novel high quality packaging solution for the survival pack. So come and join us on our journey – the Nomad team.


The “survival pack”, is designed to help busy people, whether at home, at work or on an adventure in the wild by providing wholesome nutrition from natural foods – it will give people a chance to eat real food whatever they are doing.

The survival pack contains 2 different dry food types that must be kept separate until use. At Nomad we believe in leaving as little ill effect on our planet as possible and we apply stringent environmental and ethical solutions to our business practices and products. We plan to incorporate recycled materials into our packaging and have also committed to a packaging display design that uses as little secondary packaging or casing as possible.

The Challenge
Please design us a novel, high quality packaging solution for the survival pack with consideration of the following requirements.

• The 2 food stuffs must be kept separate
• The package should be able to be resealed once opened
• The product packaging should include our brand
• The product packaging should be designed so the food can be seen
• The product will be used outdoors so consider portability, durability, size and waterproofing
• As you know it will contain food so it needs to be made from food safe materials
• The product should have consideration as to how it will store and look on a supermarket shelf
• As a food product it will also require tamper protection


• The key constraint is that it must be designed using food safe materials and have a protection system or seal for food products; standard food packaging good practice should be applied
• Budget is important to us and we need to keep unit cost as low as possible; the winning solution will need to be defined with affordability in mind


Packaging design in response to the requirement as stated above. Please provide as much detail as you feel appropriate but the more comprehensive the design pack the easier it will be for us to assess to our needs.

(1) please submit one design per solution but you are free to submit as many design solutions as you wish.
(2) extra points will be awarded for consideration of how the packaging will work in the retail environment so consideration of Shelf Ready Packaging is highly desirable.
(3) extra points will also be awarded for commercial viability of the packaging and any research to determine unit cost.
(4) we are a UK based company.

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